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Carlos Martinez may have only been in Australia for four years, but he has the notoriously ironic Aussie sense of humour down pat. Carlos, a proud Colombian, has named his earthmoving business – you guessed it – Colombian’s Machine.

In 2012, Carlos left his hometown of Bogota, Colombia to move to Australia to learn English. Settling into sunny Sydney, he enrolled at a college and begun his studies. Speaking to him now, it seems he could have never imagined as a student that he would soon be running his own business in his new home.

Whilst in Colombia, Carlos worked in the national army; with two years of his service involving earthmoving and construction as he built highways connecting major cities in the region. Because of his experience, Carlos felt it was an obvious choice of occupation once he had settled into life in Australia. His training in heavy machinery and other specific industry skills saw him snapped up by excavation company AB11.

After several years with AB11, Carlos set his sights further afield to starting his own business. He loved the earthmoving side of things, and spotted a gap in the market. So, he set out on the process of finding equipment, clients, and contracts.

After speaking with the staff at Caterpillar Parramatta, Carlos was recommended to give GoGetta a call. And, after doing his research, Carlos found GoGetta to be far more appealing than the major banks and other traditional lenders, with the flexibility lending peace of mind – a safety net, so to speak, and a way to minimise risk in his new business. All it took was a quick phone call and he was set. “The process was much quicker than with the banks,” he explains, “there was far less paperwork and it happened really quickly.”

Through GoGetta, Carlos financed a 2015 Caterpillar multi-terrain loader, and two months later a 2015 Caterpillar hydraulic excavator, totally nearly $150,000. At present he still working in his business, occasionally hiring extra hands, but hopes one day to step back into a managerial role.

Looking forward, Carlos is anticipating his next purchase and growing his business even further. When asked if he will use GoGetta again, laughs and exclaims “For sure!”. What would his advice be to those wanting to set up their own business, too?

“Hard work, that’s it. Don’t be lazy. Get up early, even on a Sunday. Don’t get to work late. This is the main thing – and apart from that, value good contacts. If you do the job properly, with proper work, the client is happy, and they’ll come back. That’s my advice.” If you’re interested in securing business equipment like Mr. Martinez, read GoGetta’s Guide to Business Equipment Financing or learn how GoGetta can help you with our range of Tools!

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