Home Funding Case Studies GoGetta gets Troy McCallum’s business moving after an unfortunate event

When a vital piece of equipment was stolen from Troy McCallum, he needed to find a replacement, and fast, to keep his business on track.

Troy’s company, Jax Construction, covers everything from excavation, landscaping and civil projects, so when his plant trailer was stolen last year, he couldn’t waste any time in finding a replacement.

Unfortunately, insurance didn’t cover the replacement value of the trailer, so Troy turned to GoGetta to find a solution.

“Our business depends on that trailer to move our equipment around. I needed to get going as quickly as possible. Our broker recommended GoGetta for a quick and easy turnaround so I could get a new trailer.

“I think the main incentive for us to go with GoGetta was the quick and easy setup. I didn’t have to wait for the accounts and give them more money. That was the main reason. It was just really quick and easy to do.

“I purely needed to get on the road as quickly as possible to keep moving the machines around.”

While it was GoGetta’s speedy setup that Troy was drawn to, the deal has produced some happy side effects.

“I like the fact that the tax incentives of it helps us. Especially given there’s not a lot we get to spend money on. We got maintenance and repairs, but as far as tax goes, that’s about all we get.

Between the tax incentives, the ease of getting the finance and getting on the road and the great customer service, it’s a great thing.”

“We’ll definitely be growing and we’re currently in the process of sourcing more machines. I’d absolutely use GoGetta to finance those other machines to help us grow.”


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