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When you run your own business, every moment matters. No one knows this better than Keith Mitcherson of Bundarra Freight Lines.

The Finley-based operator has been in business for over three decades and knows what it takes to keep things running smoothly.

Keith started his current transport business in 2010 and now runs two trucks everywhere between Sydney and Cairns.

But with a business to run on his own, Keith did not have the time to sort through the myriad of finance options for his equipment. That’s how he found GoGetta.

“I saw the GoGetta name pop up on the internet one day. I was looking for a new tipper and I had the money, but I didn’t want to spend it because I just wanted to see how it was all going to go,” says Keith.

“I’ve tried finance companies and I’ve tried banks, but they are honestly a pain in the arse. GoGetta just doesn’t bugger me around.”

With a weekly payment schedule that is easy to follow and significant tax benefits for his business, GoGetta’s finance system was a no brainer for Keith.
“There’s just no headaches.”

“I’m sick of every time you want to borrow something, you go to the bank and they want to see financials, bank statements, and I haven’t got time for all that crap. ”

“You’ve got to jump through hoops and it’s just a headache.”


“They want this and they want that and three weeks later you’re still waiting. Meanwhile the truck you want has been sold to someone else.”

Plus, for Keith, part of the attraction to GoGetta was being able to talk and negotiate with an actual person, rather than a machine.

“They’re just great to deal with. Touch wood I don’t have any problems with the business, but I know they would be great to deal with if anything did change.”

“I haven’t got a bad word to say about them. They just don’t bugger me around.”




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