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Michael Devine has been in the trucking industry for over ten years, and was ready to make the leap into becoming a business owner. Thanks to GoGetta, he was able to turn his dreams into a reality.

Michael began his career in trucks way back in 2005. Working alongside major trucking contractors, Michael was distracted by a major personal drama that was playing out over many years. And yet, in 2014, he decided it was his time to let go of the past, step up, and create the company he had always wanted.

A rocky start.

Approaching the traditional finance sources of the major Australian banks, Michael was met with a disappointing response. As his business was so young, and with no major collateral to put forth, the answer to his loan requests was a resounding ‘no’. Outdated industry guidelines were the only thing standing between Michael and his new business. As he said, you could have hour-long conversations with an empathetic teller in a bank branch, but in the end, there was nothing they could do. Their hands were tied.

Enter GoGetta.

A subsidiary of hospitality lending giant Silver Chef, GoGetta has a pretty simple goal in mind: to fund your commercial equipment, to understand your personal challenges, and to enable you and your business to achieve your full potential. For 30 years they have lifted customers like Michael out of personal employment to creating a small business.

“I was talking to a person, not a policy.”

For Michael, the first sign of something new was his experience with the GoGetta team. Rather than throwing corporate rulebooks at him, they worked to create a lending situation that could work for him. With minimal fuss, and minimal paperwork, Michael was approved for nearly $40,000 for the purchase of two trucks – a 2001 Hino Dutro six-pallet curtainsider, and a 1997 Nissan UD PK235 12 pallet curtainsider. His fleet had begun, and ‘Devine Integrity Trucking’ was born.

More than just a lender.

In the year following the loan and the start-up of his business, Michael has been in touch with GoGetta several times with questions about his finances. Unlike traditional lenders, GoGetta maintains a personal touch with all of their customers, and are always happy to help.

“It’s an extremely good model for small businesses these days,” says Michael.

“It makes it easy for someone to get up on their feet, without having to worry about where their money will come from.”

Indeed, GoGetta is about providing a new way to lend, believing every Aussie deserves the chance to give their business dreams a shot.

A resilient business model.

The challenging economic conditions following the Global Financial Crisis were a true testing ground for our business model. And still, GoGetta has flourished thanks to our flexible approach for equipment funding. With eight years of specific industry knowledge in construction, transport and light commercial, GoGetta has established a unique market offer with significant appeal to small and medium business operators.

You could be next.

If Michael’s story has inspired you to take your visions for a small business out of theory and into practice, why not give GoGetta a call? They can walk you through the various options that could help turn your dreams into a reality. Learn how easy it is to secure business equipment funding through GoGetta or read GoGetta’s Guide to Business Equipment Financing to learn more.

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