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No two businesses move at the same pace. So capitalising on opportunities to build is vital.

When Michael Neil kicked off his business, On Time Earthmoving, just 12 months ago, he had no idea things would move so quickly.

But as opportunities arose, he knew he had to make the most of them and now, Michael’s company is bigger than he could have imagined.

However getting the finance to build a new business is not always easy, especially when things are moving so fast.

“I only started last November in business and we expanded extremely quickly,” says Michael.

“I’ve always been in earthmoving. Things were changing with my employer so I decided I wasn’t going to work for them anymore.

“But because if the rapid expansion, we needed a fair bit of stuff.

“I’d seen the name on some race cars and someone suggested GoGetta.

“We were worried that other finance companies wouldn’t give me any more money because I was growing too fast. But it was not a problem at all for GoGetta.”

Michael was able to get the finance for the equipment he needed at the time and has now financed three machines though GoGetta.

“Financially it made sense to keep expanding.”

“The finance broker thought it would be the best option to go with GoGetta. We didn’t want to waste time mucking around. We knew the machine we wanted, so we just went and got it.”

With his business now running full steam ahead, Michael is showing no signs of slowing down and is completely focused on continuing the rapid expansion.

“At the moment I’m working seven days a week. I work six days a week on the machinery normally and Sundays I do invoicing and pay the boys’ wages and bills.”

“I was planning on staying in the office, but because everything is going so well I thought I might as well get back in a machine again.”

Michael already has his eyes set on a number of new pieces of equipment and has a plan to add them to his collection in 2018.

“Want to keep expanding. I’d like to buy some more machinery if work stays the way it is now.”

“I’d definitely be more inclined to use GoGetta in future. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again because it made life easier for me. It was just nice and easy to do.”

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