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Greencorp Landscape Solutions has won three Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) contracts, thanks to GoGetta’s non-traditional equipment funding option.

Greencorp business owner Warwick Bates says it can be tough to secure contracts without any equipment on hand ready to go.

“I thought I could wait for the contracts to come in and that it would be easy to pick one up without any equipment, but that wasn’t the case,” he says.

Warwick says he knew one of his first tasks was to get equipment, but that it’s tricky to secure finance for expensive equipment as a fledgling business.

He approached GoGetta, an equipment funding specialist, after a recommendation from industry finance broker, CentrePoint Finance.

Finance Broker Brad Fairbairn, from CentrePoint Finance, notes that with limited resources and as a start-up business, it is hard to get the boost you need to get started.

“We’re proud to be have assisted Warwick in arranging the finance through GoGetta because they really do give people a fair go,” he says.

Despite operating a brand new business, Warwick was approved by GoGetta for funding for the tipper truck, an outcome he attributes partly to his previous experience.

“I have the know-how and the experience behind me, which I think GoGetta recognises,” he says.

The funding approval signalled the start of a string of asset purchases.

“The work piled on and as I expanded I picked up piece after piece of equipment through GoGetta, probably one every two months or so,” says Warwick.

Brad says GoGetta was a great option for start-up businesses.

“Warwick had to work hard to re-establish himself; I saw his potential that he was worth backing and had proven management experience in the industry – something that GoGetta also recognised.

“GoGetta’s cash flow friendly solution allowed him to expand his business with ease,” Brad says.

Within a year of getting the tipper truck, Greencorp Landscape Solutions has acquired a bobcat, two ride-on mowers, a tractor, two utes and an auger attachment.

Warwick says he is amazed his business had grown so much within 12 months.

“A year ago I thought I’d be lucky to get one contract, and I didn’t think I’d have any equipment in the first 12 months.

“I think a big reason I [won the council contracts] was because I had the equipment,” he says.

Warwick was previously the co-owner of a landscaping firm contracted directly to the GCCC, however he was forced to “start from scratch” as a sub-contractor after a disagreement with his business partner.

Although he never imagined it happening so quickly, Warwick is once again a prime contractor, providing landscaping, mowing and weed control services to the GCCC.

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