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23-year-old Brandon Kook is a true-blue country kid.

Born and bred in regional Kyogle, NSW, he grew up working on the land. His early years were spent around the property, and later on with his father on the family harvesting and baling business. Last year, he decided that the baling side of the company needed specific attention, and so formed an offshoot business specialising in contract baling.

Speaking to Brandon, you get the idea that starting up his own business in baling was a natural progression for him. He took to the task like a fish in water, and has seen rapid growth in what was only a few months ago a ‘side offering’ from the family business. As he says, he’s been doing it since he was 18: it’s as second nature for him as reading the weather for a harvest.

What wasn’t second nature for Brandon, however, was the red tape of starting a small business. There was finalising the property, permits, stock…and of course, equipment.

From Lely hay rakes to John Deere tractors, New Holland square balers to McHale wrappers, the total of the baling equipment came to over $72,600 – a loan that, for any ordinary 23-year-old with no financial history – would have been close to impossible to obtain.

After several failed attempts at getting the banks on board, the sentiment was clear: they were not interested. The traditional lenders couldn’t take on the swift but simple business reshuffle he and his father were looking to action. As Brandon points out – it wasn’t complicated at all: it was just complicated for the bank.

Luckily, a friend of Brandon’s mother (also a small business owner) recommended GoGetta for its unique, accessible equipment funding. She too was up and running with GoGetta’s help.

For Brandon, this was the break he was looking for – the first step to starting his own business. “I was very excited, because it gave me the opportunity to purchase the stuff that I needed – the equipment. Without it, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.”

With the support of GoGetta, Brandon was able to purchase nine pieces of heavy-duty farm equipment specific to baling, and importantly, get his new business off the ground.

So why did GoGetta given Brandon a chance when no one else would? As we got to know Brandon, we could clearly read his passion for the family business, and his desire to branch out. He had a great idea, lots of industry experience, and knew how to get the job done.

GoGetta’s National Sales and Marketing Manager Kevin Savvas says that he’s proud GoGetta is so focused on giving people a fair go.

“Each one of our customers is valued. We get to know them and assess them based on their potential, not their trading history. It gives people like Brandon an opportunity to succeed, despite others telling him he can’t.

“Brandon takes a calculated risk and so do we. It’s our business to build your business and make your dream a reality,” says Kevin.
Brandon and his wife Zoe have jumped from strength to strength since establishing the business in October 2015.

“Yeah, it’s going very well! We have lots of work on, when the weather is good enough. We’re really busy,” he says.

The flexibility and good faith of GoGetta has Brandon confident in his business’ future. He knows that he can call GoGetta at any time and have a person at the other end of the phone to give him advice.

“My favourite part about GoGetta is the people. They’re very easy to talk to and get along with. Very helpful, very easy to ask questions to. You don’t feel like you’re talking a machine.”

Brandon hopes to expand his business to the point of one day hiring new members to the team – at the moment, it’s just him and Zoe – and maybe even growing his services outside of contract baling.

Young in age but at an old hand in his industry, we’re excited to join Brandon on his business journey into the future. Learn how easy it is to secure business equipment funding through GoGetta or read GoGetta’s Guide to Business Equipment Financing to learn more.

Learn how easy it is to secure equipment for your business or read more GoGetta customer success stories.

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