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Just twelve months ago, Matt Wakeling was living in Melbourne and working in IT, in a career that had spanned over a decade.

Whilst he didn’t mind his job, he was feeling a strong pull to follow his dreams and go back to school. He wanted to become a doctor. But at 29 years of age, Matt realised that it was now or never: so picking up his life, he made the sea change to sunny Brisbane to begin his long and exciting journey in studying medicine.

But, as any mature-age student knows, it’s an expensive commitment. Between school fees, rent, living expenses, and study supplies; trying to live on the student lifestyle as a fully fledged adult isn’t easy. Matt needed a fast cash solution to keep him on his feet in his new home.

“I thought to myself, how am I going to get back to University and pay the bills?” recalls Matt.

“Then I had the bright idea that I would go to Uni, and drive an Uber in between.”

Uber is a quick-fix solution that is attracting more and more young people with every year it’s in service. It gives them freedom to set their own working hours, flexibility, and an opportunity to meet new people in every shift. It’s easy, it’s fun, and for people like Matt – it was a great way to subsidise his studies.

But there were a few barriers to entry for Matt to overcome: firstly, he was new to the city, and didn’t know his way around. But more importantly, Matt didn’t have a suitable car to drive. In fact, he didn’t have a car at all – Matt was driving a motorcycle.

And so, Matt did what any millennial would do: he jumped on Google.

Through his search for car renting or leasing services, he decided he would rent a car. Through the advice of a third party associated with GoGetta called ‘Easicar’, Matt signed up with GoGetta.

“I started looking around and found GoGetta. I thought, how am I going to do this?” remembers Matt. “I thought I might have to get a loan – but then I saw the Easicar service, who use GoGetta.”

Matt signed up for a 12 month contract, with the view to buy at the end of the period. At the end of the 12 months, however, Matt is also given the option to return the vehicle and walk away, with no further obligations. It was this flexibility that was so attractive – given the number of big changes Matt had made over the past year, he didn’t want to be locked down into anything long term whilst he settled in.

Matt has been driving for six months now, and loves it. He estimates he has done around 2,000 trips to date, and couldn’t be more comfortable in his new 2016 Hyundai Accent. He complements his Uber income with two other (rather unexpected!) roles: Matt is also a soldier in the Army Reserve, and runs a speed dating business with his best mate in Brisbane. A man of many talents…

When asked for advice, Matt encourages new drivers to give it at least a month to settle into the Uber system.

“When you try something new, there is going to be a period of discomfort,” says Matt.
“For me, it was hard at first, because I wouldn’t know any of the passengers or where I was going, I had to rely on Google Maps a lot – so it took about a month to really get into it and now I’m having a lot of fun.”

Six months on, Matt is hooked, and hopes to continue driving for Uber well into his studies – which, at this point, are not going to conclude for at least seven years!

Matt sings the praises of Uber, and insists that it a set-up that welcomes young drivers.

“I think the market is all for young people,” says Matt, “and that goes for people who get in my car, too. They always get in the car and go, ‘Oh! You’re so young!’ – and it’s great to be an age that can relate with their clientele.”

“I went the GoGetta website, and then to the Easicar website,” explains Matt, “and then I registered my details online, and said I wanted a Hyundai Accent.”

Like many other GoGetta users funding for Uber driving purposes, Matt had done his research and knew what he wanted: something small, with a hatchback, that was fuel efficient.

“After registering my details, I had a call from Easicar and they just needed some photo ID and other details, as well as sorting out the insurance for the car. It was so easy, and I was able to pick up the car straight away.”

The young people of today – like Matt – are more mobile between jobs and industries than ever. ‘Starting again’ before 30 doesn’t phase them, nor does diving into new roles. And thanks to innovative and supportive companies like GoGetta and Uber, young Aussies like Matt are getting to live out their dreams.

….Even if that does mean seven years of study ahead!

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