Get to know GoGetta

While banks look at past performance, at GoGetta we look to the future, backing potential with flexible funding. To help you understand who, and how we fund, we would like to introduce you to 8 of our customers.

Collect as many GoGetta customer cards you can between March 1 & June 30 2017 to WIN a trip to the F1 championship round in Singapore.

Keep an eye out every fortnight to meet the customers & answer the quiz in your emails to enter!

Congratulations to Robbie Moore from Lease Link, QLD!

You are off to enjoy a trip of a lifetime at the Singapore F1!

Big thanks to all of our partners who got to know GoGetta.

Introducing Rent Back Roger

Meet Roger. Roger was a smart business man who instead of tying up capital he decided to take advantage of GoGetta's Rent Back agreement. GoGetta said yes and took the value of $75,000 off Rogers book.

Meet Work Ready Wazza

Wazza was starting a new venture & had to upgrade his ute, but couldn't afford a new one. GoGetta got Wazza a Work Ready asset with funding of $17,000.

Meet Big Chance Bob

Bob had the opportunity to work for himself driving for a freight company. He needed his own truck to get the job done. GoGetta took a chance and helped Bob with funding of $66,000.

Introducing Old Asset Ozzie

Ozzie is an established local hauler who required a new truck, preferring an older unit. GoGetta had Ozzie covered with funding of $75,000.

Meet New ABN Neel

Neel wanted a 1 year flexible term to become an Uber owner-driver. GoGetta helped Neel get on the road sooner with funding of $15,700.

Introducing 'Start Up Sue'

The banks gave Sue the run around. We gave her a break with funding of $25,000 for a van in rose pink.

Introducing 'Short Term Steve'

Steve need a new excavator to grow his already established earth moving business. We helped Steve with a short 12 month contract of $440,000.

Introducing 'Contracted Cam'

Cam requires extra equipment for a big job. GoGetta's Rent-Grow-Own product enabled him to do just that, with funding of $120,000.

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