How does GoGetta work?

Our Rent.Grow.Own® funding solution is the most flexible in the market!

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Choose equipment

GoGetta partners with a large network of equipment brokerages nationally; from Bundaberg to Bendigo, Perth to Port Augusta, to help you find the perfect equipment solution for you. Browse GoGetta's range of used equipment!
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How to get the construction & earthmoving equipment you need for your business for less

As a contractor or supplier to the construction and earthmoving industry, at times you’ll face a tricky ‘chicken or egg’ situation: what comes first – the contracts or the equipment? In a tough economy and without a backlog of work lined up, how do you justify spending $60,000 on an excavator? The majority of small to medium business owners just don’t have enough cash to buy expensive construction equipment outright.

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Apply for funding

We know securing finance can sometimes be a tricky hurdle for business owners, which is why we developed a low risk equipment funding solution that's flexible and affordable. Apply for funding now!
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How to save 35-100% of equipment costs for your transport business

Paying for equipment outright is usually unrealistic and unaffordable, and with restrictions by traditional finance lenders on limited trading history, equipment age or mileage, many transport company owners see the outward convenience of traditional truck hire as their only option. However when this method is relied on for more than a few weeks, the cost becomes exorbitant, specific equipment availability is uncertain and there is no opportunity for ownership.

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12 month contract

Our Rent.Grow.Own agreement is minimum 12 months, giving you total control and flexibility in your business, so you can diversify your offering, trial new equipment and preserve your working capital. Read our product and service reviews
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GoGetta enables engineering firm to compete with the best

GoGetta has helped an engineering firm diversify and boost its revenue by about 30% by funding a $60,000 line-boring machine.

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Get your equipment

We pride ourselves on our quick response times, so you can secure the equipment and funding you need quickly. Find out more about your end of contract options
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Business booms for transport company, Eternity Meat

Eternity Meat, a meat wholesale company based out of Balliang, Victoria, had recent struggled to keep up with customer demand – that is, until they sought a non-traditional finance option.

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Pay weekly rent

Our flexible and affordable funding solutions are off balance sheet and 100% tax deductable*, making it easy to budget for. Read GoGetta's Frequently Asked Questions for more information
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GoGetta gives Devine Integrity Trucking a strong start

Michael Devine has been in the trucking industry for over ten years, and was ready to make the leap into becoming a business owner. Thanks to GoGetta, he was able to turn his dreams into a reality.

At 12 months you can choose to


If you decide that ownership is the option that most suits you, and you're in a position to pay out, why not take advantage of our 75% net rental rebate?


If the equipment no longer suits your business, or your core operation has changed, simply return with no penalties.

Continue Renting

If you want to keep your options open, simply keep renting the equipment and watch the purchase price continue to drop.


If you want to work towards equipment ownership, our® agreement lets you enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments on a 36 month contract or a 15% discount on a 24 month contract.