At just 29 years old, Melbourne based Ayhan Yalcin is used to being his own boss.

In fact, he’s never really know anything different: from his early 20s, Ayhan has run his own businesses in construction, mechanics, and now cash transit.

“I wasn’t happy working for other people,” says Ayhan. “I like to be my own boss and have always sought the financial independence it brings.”

Cash transit is a serious game. Not dissimilar to the Armaguard trucks, as a contractor for Toll, Ayhan is in charge of emptying bank deposit boxes daily around his hometown of Melbourne. However, it’s not cash he’s transporting; it is cheques, signed documents, and other financial paperwork.

It’s a tough job that comes with a high level of responsibility. He works 10 hour days, Monday to Friday, alone…which he doesn’t mind so much. “You can stop for lunch whenever you want, wherever you want!” Ayhan loves his work, and has fought hard for its success since it began two years ago.

Due to his young age and lack of business trading history, Ayhan had never approached the bank (or anyone else, for that matter) for a business loan. He simply saved his cash over his early years of business, and started Yalcin Transport from his savings fund.

“It cost more than I had planned to set up my business because I thought I could use secondhand vans, but I had to go buy them brand new. And there’s equipment that needs to be fitted in too, like trackers, for example.

“Also, being in the type of work I’m in, I need to update my vehicles every three to five years, to keep in line with industry regulations,” he says.

With two vans already under his belt, as Ayhan’s business began to gather steam, he realised he needed a third van – one, unfortunately, he could not cover with cash savings alone. He needed the right vehicle for the job, and quickly.

“I didn’t realise that there were companies like GoGetta, but once I found them I thought I’d give it a shot. Using my own cash to buy the first two vans put me in a bit of financial hardship, and had a real, challenging impact on my cash flow,” says Ayhan.

As Ayhan points out, due to the industry regulations, it was critical to find the right van for the job.

“Like, when you go to a car yard, you only have 50 vehicles to choose from. With GoGetta, you have the flexibility to choose the exact vehicle you want. I’ve got a lot more options.”

Just a week from keyboard to key-in-ignition, Ayhan was up and running in record time.

“It would have been a bit of a struggle to expand my business without GoGetta’s help. It’s a large outlay of cash that I just couldn’t afford or justify. I knew there had to be a smarter way to do it.

“I’m in a pretty good situation with my business at the moment, there are three workers and myself, but I do hope to expand in the future.

“With GoGetta, I can rent what I need and upgrade when it’s time, without a big impact on my cash flow. It’s a whole different ball game now,” says Ayhan.

GoGetta – it’s made to help you grow.