The days of a single-stream career are over.

Thanks to new technology, remote working arrangements, and a generally more relaxed perspective to non-traditional working arrangements; people are opting to juggle several jobs at once.

Mario Silvera is one of these people. Earlier this year, he left his 12 year career in accounting to pursue a role in property management. In the months that he transitioned from a full time role to working essentially for himself, he needed something to continue his cash flow. So, he took on a part-time job as an Uber driver.

With help from GoGetta to finance a new vehicle, Mario has found great success in the breakthrough service, and has no plans to leave Uber anytime soon.

It all started when I needed a flexible job for cash flow,” explains Mario. “It happened to fit really well – I didn’t need to attend meetings during the day and was free to work, and didn’t have the limits of the normal 9 – 5.”

But for Mario, there was a barrier between him and becoming an Uber driver: his car.

According to Uber official policy, your vehicle must be under 10 years old to qualify as a member of the Uber fleet. Whilst Mario’s 2007 Honda Civic made the cut off, it was not ideal for the large amount of driving he was about to take on. For starters, it was manual – and as a small hatchback, not ideal for accommodating luggage on the frequent airport run.

It was at this point that next door neighbour and GoGetta staff member suggested that he take a look into what GoGetta could offer.

At the time we spoke with Mario, he was actually in the process of selling his old car online. With the help from GoGetta, he was able to replace it with a 2011 Hyundai i30.

Mario Silvera financed his Uber vehicle with Go Getta. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Mario Silvera and his 2011 Hyundai i30 Uber vehicle.


“I didn’t want to spend too much on it,” says Mario, “being new to Uber driving I didn’t want to overextend my payments until I was sure. It was a calculated risk.”

There was a lot of consideration on Mario’s behalf that went into selecting the make and model. He wanted something light for better resale value, and an automatic car to make the long hours on the road easy.

“I couldn’t believe just how easy it was. I honestly felt like the stars aligned on this one!” laughs Mario. In just a week, he went from chatting with his neighbour, finding the car, receiving finance, and joining the Uber team.

“In terms of the funding, I sat down with the GoGetta team on day one, and by the end of day one I had a response. By day two, I had a response from the car broker, by day three I had found the car – and in a week? I had the car, I had the insurance organised, the car dealer had been paid, and I picked up my car the following week.”

Getting started as an Uber driver, says Mario, is all about treating it like a formal job role. He encourages all drivers to dress in smart business clothing such as a button down shirt and blazer, and to keep their car clean and professional at all times. But his biggest tip? Be approachable.

“Don’t turn up in a hotted up car,” says Mario. “And don’t play loud music!”

And when looking to choose an Uber-friendly car, Mario is clear on what you should be looking for in your selection: low mileage, good fuel economy, and high resell value.

Despite his property business going from strength to strength, Mario insists that he plans on staying within the Uber business among other roles.

“I’ve calculated what I need to be pulling in on a weekly basis in order to cover the basics,” says Mario, “overheads, living expenses and the like, and realistically – it’s not when or where my property business takes off. I am always going to have spaces in between meetings and appointments where I can drive. I’ve never been one to sit around and do nothing, I like keeping busy.”

“I’ll always be driving.”

For more and more young professionals, Uber is a quick and easy way to stay on top of their cash flow whilst their passion projects or freelance work picks up. But how many of them know that they can use GoGetta as a tool to get an appropriate car, straight away?

“It’s incredible, it’s a really different business model. Like Uber, GoGetta is really opening up the world for people looking outside the square. GoGetta has really changed the landscape and made it much more accessible.” says Mario.

True to our promise, we are always looked to help you feel equipped to succeed. Go Getta is proud to stand behind exciting new ventures such as Uber that break free of traditional working conditions.

So, what’s stopping you?

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