There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia[1].

This is an impressive number of Aussies who have decided to take a risk and create their own business; autonomous from the safety, security, and predictability of being someone’s employee.

But this risk does not come without its challenges. Finding the finance to explore new opportunities or expand your company is difficult with the increasingly cautious banks. Often a bank won’t even consider your application if your business has less than two years of trading history – which, incidentally, is usually when small businesses needs a helping hand.

GoGetta knows that life isn’t perfect, and neither is small business.

We’re proud to continue building a support network for Australians who just want to be given a fair go. For those who believe in their business, and need someone else to believe in it too.

We like to say that we are always looking for reasons to say ‘yes’. Did you know that we accept new ABNs and all ages, with a short and simple 12 month contract? Unlike home equity loans, there is no risk of losing your home.

One of our biggest requests at GoGetta is for vans.

For many small businesses, the key to success is being light on your feet, and quick to get from A to B. Whether it’s filling a last minute order for a client, or picking up urgent stock, the ability to get to where you need to be with your business is crucial. Having the perfect van fit for use is a non-negotiable.

GoGetta customer Brett Warren has worked in security screens, doors, and windows, for over a decade. But when it came to the security of his small business, he needed a hand. More specifically, he needed a van.

Brett was impressed with the GoGetta service. “It was virtually hassle free,” he says, “I emailed the forms, and got a response in just a few hours.” After his swift and simple initiation into the GoGetta family, Brett was soon renting a secondhand 2008 Renault Master Van and like that, his business was off the ground.

Rent vs. Hire

With GoGetta, our rent-to-own model provides a strong path to ownership so your money is not wasted. You will build equity in the equipment with each payment. We have worked hard to bring you a solution that provides the much-needed flexibility that small businesses rely on. Plus, we’re much cheaper than traditional hiring.

But wait, there’s more!

If you think that you want to hear more about our Rent.Grow.Own. 12 month van hire contracts, then take a look at our recently published eBook. It outlines cost comparisons, price breakdown, and the various other benefits to hiring with the view to own.

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