GoGetta is all about reinventing how you manage your business vehicles – with an emphasis on always being prepared.

Your business vehicle literally acts like a lifeline between yourself and your clients. So what happens when this breaks down?

Whether it is on an isolated strip of highway late at night, or halfway through transporting expirable goods, the costs of breaking down are extensive. If you are an owner-operator, you are also facing towing fees, a loss of productivity and revenue, additional costs for repairs and part replacement – and occasionally, you might lose your customer too.

GoGetta has considered this problem, and has developed a solution to help you be prepared from the beginning.

Under the GoGetta finance system, we have a non-maintenance or repair contract, which means that if anything happens to your vehicle during the rental period you are accountable to pay. So, we have crafted a system in which a commercial warranty for light commercial vehicles (vans, cars, utes, etc.) can be built into your weekly payments, avoiding any last minute surprises.

GoGetta will fund a warranty for your light commercial vehicle for up to $1,500 including GST. You can then pay this off in weekly rental payments to GoGetta.

The warranty will be organised through the equipment vendor or finance broker, so will vary in levels of cover and inclusions, although most will include roadside assist.

A few things to remember when it comes to vehicle warranty:

  1. Warranties won’t cover consumables e.g. brake pads, battery, clutches, or CD players.
  1. Only some commercial warranties will cover air-conditioning.
  1. You need to make sure the warranty is registered in your name, not GoGetta, as you will need to be organising any repairs.
  1. Say goodbye to dodgy mechanics: you must adhere to the schedule of having the vehicle serviced by a reputable mechanic – otherwise it will void your warranty.
  1. Always be sure to keep a copy of the warranty paperwork and contact number in the vehicle so you know who to call when something happens.
  1. Read the warranty document very carefully so you know exactly what are covered for.


Luckily, a commercial warranty is generally more comprehensive than a personal consumer warranty, so you can expect more coverage under your agreement.
You will only be able to fund the vehicle warranty through GoGetta if you include this when you first acquire the vehicle, as we won’t be able to put it on a separate contract for you if you decide you need this down the track.

And because GoGetta is always a step ahead, here are a few tips on maintaining a healthy vehicle, and avoiding using that warranty at all!

Watch and listen

Especially if you use your vehicle for large periods of time each day, you’ll often notice when something is off, just by listening and watching. Pay close attention to key times such as at start-up, on the freeway, at low speed and when braking and accelerating. Any strange noises or leaking fluids could indicate repairs are needed, and catching it early may save you money in the long run.

Check your lights

Working indicators and brake lights are a huge part of vehicle safety, so make sure these two things are checked regularly. You can tell your indicators are working by the normal ticking sound and a light that appears in the instrument panel. If you notice this is much faster, it’s a sign your indicator is broken. Don’t forget to check your headlights and have someone help you check your brake lights to make sure they’re working. See your mechanic or auto technician if you have a problem.

Keep it clean

Dedicate half an hour at the end of every working week to give your vehicle a good clean. It will make is easier for you to find equipment in a hurry, and create a safer environment to work in.

Check your tyre pressure

Less air means more contact and friction between the tire and road, which wears the rubber faster, makes the engine work harder, and uses more petrol – the harder the tyres, the less grip they’ll have.


Prevention is the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer. It’s really important to keep on top of the maintenance and servicing, even if your vehicle is second-hand.

Drive carefully, and remember that being prepared from the start with your work vehicle will save you plenty of time – and cash! – further down the track.