You know a brand has hit the big time when you can’t remember how you survived without it!

Life before Uber: lifts from mum. Stranded on street corners waiting for a cab to drive past. Calling the taxi phone line and waiting on hold to get through. Life after Uber? Well, it’s sunshine and roses now – there’s water, breath mints, up-to-the-minute arrival updates on your mobile, friendly drivers, emailed receipts, and no money exchange. This is a modern service, for the modern world.

But Uber hasn’t only benefited passengers. Hundreds of Aussies are joining the Uber driver fleet with amazing stories of success. And with the Uber brand now expanding into other services, there has never been a more exciting time to become their next success story.

So, here are just 5 reasons why you should get onto Uber:

1. Uber is taking over the world, one puppy at a time

The global success of the ride-sharing app has now given rise to a range of offshoot services including Uber Eats, Uber Rush, and even Uber Puppies.

And just last month, Uber rolled out its pre-booking service, where customers can reserve a car anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 days in advance.

The move is aimed towards corporates who needed to ensure their ride would be on time, and at the right location – time is money, people!

2. The fleet of drivers include everyone from businessmen to musicians


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A common misconception about Uber is that it’s a young person’s game. Indeed, with 1 in 3 young people having no savings and struggling with debt; Uber broke into the market as a fast and easy way to make money.

Uber is quickly opening itself up to more and more new pathways for potential drivers. The demographic of Uber drivers is as varied as it is large. There are retirees working a few hours a week to fill the time, mature age students looking for flexible hours, and freelance creatives of all ages supplementing their other incomes.

3. You can work wherever, whenever


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People nowadays are looking to move beyond the traditional 9 to 5 work day. For people who are running and operating small businesses, or working on several business projects at once, it can mean odd working hours, or even periods without regular cash flow.

Uber is a great way to mediate those issues, whilst having fun! Drivers get to meet new people, discover their hometowns more so than ever before, and craft their own work schedule.

4. It’s actually SO easy to join


Mario Silvera – Uber Driver

However, there is still hesitation among many about where to start. Some think that there are complicated barriers to joining when it comes to having the right car, the right licence, or the right experience. But the truth is – it’s so simple.

All you need is:

1. A car that’s less than seven years old
2. An open driver’s licence
3. No criminal record.

5.  You will make good money


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There aren’t many non-qualified job positions going around that will pay you up to $30 an hour, whenever you want. According to vehicle financer GoGetta, a 20 minute ride in our major cities will cost the passenger between $20 and $40. Not bad, right?

Working during peak times such as weekday mornings and weekend nights will also incur a higher surcharge.

But I don’t have a car…

Whilst the car you’re driving for Uber must be registered in your name for insurance purposes, there are ways and means to getting a car – fast – for Uber.

GoGetta is a silent partner for many Uber drivers: they’ll buy you the car you need to get on the road as an Uber driver straight away, and you make 100% tax deductible* payments for 12 months. It’s called Rent.Grow.Own®.

The great advantage of this contract is that you are building equity in the asset with each affordable weekly payment. By the 12-month mark, you can purchase the car at a heavily reduced price – or feel free to upgrade!


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