Not sure what healthy tools you need to add to your toolbox? Pip Seldon at the Healthy Tradie Project is about to change that. Pip’s philosophy is all about living a healthy and balanced life by finding synergy between eating real whole food, movement and exercise, mindfulness, getting plenty of sleep, some time in the sun plus active play – unwinding, switching off from technology and routine.

When people think about improving their health, they typically think nutrition and exercise, so let’s take a look at these two important parts first.


What we eat affects how we feel, how we move, how we think, our mental clarity and our energy levels. It has a huge impact on how we perform every day. Whilst there is plenty of conflicting information out there today about what you should or shouldn’t eat, nutrition doesn’t have to be hard. Here are the really basic nutritional principles I live by:

  1. Eat as nature intended, more ‘living’ food and less ‘processed’ food. More of the foods you can buy at the farmer’s market and less things with a label.
  2. Stay away from processed sugary foods. Too much sugar and other refined carbohydrates can lead to blood sugar highs and lows causing mood swings, food cravings and less than ideal mental clarity.
  3. Saturated and monounsaturated fats are not the enemy! Including healthy fats like coconut milk and oil, wild caught fish, pastured eggs, grass-fed meats, nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil in your diet will balance out your energy levels and keep you feeling full for longer.
  4. Vegetables, eat an abundance of locally grown, in season (organic if possible) vegetables.
  5. If you don’t own a blender, I’d highly recommend investing in one. Smoothies are a super quick and easy way to deliver a whole bunch of nutrients directly to the cells of your body.
  6. Eat in a relaxed state. Rushing through your meal or eating on the run will put your body in a state of fight or flight, which compromises or shuts down your digestive processes.


Full body functional fitness and be achieved with a balanced approach of these three things:

  1. Move frequently at a slow pace, like daily moderate aerobic activity of any kind that you enjoy.
  2. Brief, high intensity strength training – full body functional movements like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks.
  3. Brief, all out sprints; once a week go all out! Something that elevates your heart rate. The key is to give it everything you’ve got for short bursts.

Start slow and modify the exercises to suit your current level of fitness and strength. The most important thing is to just start and as you continue to include movement in your day, you will continue to crave the feel good feeling that exercise and movement bring to our lives.

Don’t forget about mindfulness!


It’s easy to get caught up in thoughts and feelings from the past and worries about the future. But the past is the past and the future hasn’t happened yet, so the only time worth thinking about is the NOW! Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and without judgement.

Mindfulness can simply mean taking a moment to STOP, to take three deep breaths and observe how your body feels, then proceed in the present moment with a new mindset. A mindfulness practice encourages more calm amongst chaos, less stress, enhanced focus, increased productivity, a lightness of being and more happiness.

The three optional extras that really aren’t an option – sleep, sun and play!


Getting enough sleep is essential for weight loss, for our performance and our clarity of thought. It’s a time of recovery. A time for organs to repair, muscles to strengthen and rebuild and body systems to rejuvenate.  Skimp on sleep and you risk sabotaging your health goals.


Vitamin D is a hormone that is essential in almost every cell of your body. Time in the sun is one of the best and most natural ways to boost your Vitamin D levels. I’m sure you will agree that there is something about spending time in the sun that just lifts your mood! Aim for just 10-15 minutes soaking up some sunshine each day.


It seems like our lives get busier every day. We get so caught up in technology, our career and what we think we must get done every day. Well I’m giving you permission to uncover your own inner child! Play has been scientifically proven to increase work productivity, improve our ability to manage stress, and also enhance our self-esteem and creativity. So make time to unplug, switch off and disconnect from our modern day technology each and every day to just PLAY!

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Authored by Pip Seldon

Pip Seldon is a Construction Project Manager, Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Speaker and founder of the Healthy Tradie Project.

Her transformational journey began in 2009 after the loss of her eldest brother, a carpenter, to suicide. Her mission through the Healthy Tradie Project, “To support tradies in living healthier, happier lives with movement, mindfulness and real whole food.”

Pip believes that wellness exists in all of us and through the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle practices, we can each unveil our healthiest self – physically, mentally and emotionally.

In her quest to implement a proactive approach to suicide prevention, Pip founded the Healthy Tradie Project and now delivers Healthy Tradie Workshops, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation to construction industry workers. You can find Pip on construction sites around Australia leading teams of Tradies in high-vis, boots and hard hats through her unique Tradie Power Yoga and Tradie Mind Stillness practice.

Simply put, Pip gives tradies the tools they need to make step-by-step changes in their lifestyle  unlocking the keys to looking better, feeling better and living better! You can connect with Pip at and on Facebook and Instagram @thehealthytradieproject.