The construction industry gives back what you put in.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and great success is always going to be there for the taking.

However, there are many different paths you can take. Once you have some experience in the construction industry, you have a choice to work under an employer and their company; or to take the leap and go out on your own as a subcontractor.

Like anyone starting their own small business (and yes, that can just be one person!), there is lots of information to wade through before taking on clients. There’s a lot involved in running your own operation, and a very real risk that you’ll will not succeed as a profitable business.

However, the payoff could be huge and well worth the risk.

In the eBook Guide to Becoming a Subbie, GoGetta has compiled a how-to guide on getting started. Answering everything from ‘What’s a subcontractor?’ to negotiating rates and contracts, it will provide priceless advice you would otherwise struggle to find.

Owning your own subcontracting small business is a multi-faceted experience, and you will need to learn to become everything from an accountant to a 5-star negotiator. The construction industry is notoriously competitive, so whether you’re managing a team of hundreds or just yourself, you will need to be confident in your offering.

The guide offers realistic advice without glossing over the facts – “You wouldn’t let an accountant fix your plumbing,” offers one section – “So you shouldn’t be taking care of your own tax!” These gems are followed up with real-life advice on navigating the tricky world of subcontracting.

Many how-to guides in contracting work fail to address the very basic knowledge that many don’t yet know when it comes to starting their own business. From the GST rate in Australia to the specific OHS rules that apply to subbies, no stone is left unturned, and no question too silly to ask.

This guide will literally take you from the basics to the most complicated information in subcontracting.

For example, six primary action points when it comes to negotiating a contract with a new client. From costs to schedules, staff requirements to project scope, this guide will walk you through the right course of action. After all, these negotiation skills will be crucial when it comes to making your business a success.

But perhaps the most valuable section in the eBook is ‘Finding Work’.

Any small business in Australia will agree that hunting down new and prospective clients is the most stressful and challenging part, particularly as a newcomer. With nine practical and expert-sourced suggestions where you can source work, this guide will take the mystery out of finding your first – and best – contract clients.


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