As a specialist equipment funder to a variety of industries including construction, transport, earthmoving and light commercial (vehicles such as cars, utes and vans for business use), GoGetta works Australia-wide to deliver unique funding solutions to get the equipment you need today. In order to equip you for success, we work with more than 800 accredited finance brokerages nationally, from Brisbane to Ballarat, Mandurah to Mackay, to deliver first class service and make the funding process as seamless as possible.

Outside of traditional options such as hire or bank finance, GoGetta offers a unique way to build equity in the equipment with each affordable weekly payment, plus give you the option to return the equipment after 12 months if it’s not right for your business. Check out our tools and calculators to find out just how affordable GoGetta’s unique equipment financing can be.

Here are 4 big perks of going through an equipment finance broker:

Depending on what you’re after, it’s a one stop shop.

If you’re after a car, ute or van for commercial use, then more often than not, you’ll also have access to a dedicated equipment finance broker on site. The broker will go through all of your options with you to make sure it’s the right finance product for you and your business’ needs. Life just got a whole lot easier when you can get the equipment and finance sorted all in one go in the same place!

Brokers are geared towards start-ups and small to medium businesses.

Finance brokers are contractors in their own right, meaning they are far more neutral than one of the big banks. They specialise in start-ups, and small to medium businesses (the same as GoGetta) so they will take the time to fully understand your situation and make sure it’s the right product for you – and perhaps most importantly, that it’s affordable and flexible enough to give you breathing room when you need it most.

Brokers are a good sounding board for equipment choices.

Because equipment finance is their bread and butter, and they do these types of negotiations day in and day out, brokers are often a good sounding board to discuss your equipment needs for your business. You may think it’s impossible to grow your business, but with advice from your finance broker you could secure an asset through alternative funding such as GoGetta’s rent-to-own solution.

Brokers will navigate the tricky finance path for you.

Whether you’re setting up your business or looking to expand, finance is daunting for many business owners. It’s great to have a helping hand through this process; brokers will manage the deal for you, gather all of the information that you need, and act as a channel or link between yourself and the finance lender.

GoGetta Equipment Funding is one of the most accessible funding options on the market. What’s more, we also provide reasonable credit limits, welcome new ABNs and will fund any age equipment. GoGetta has helped thousands of people start up and expand their business; we’re all about giving Aussies a fair go.

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