One thing many customers are not aware of with GoGetta is that we not only fund dealer and auction sales, but private sales, too.

Whilst the majority of the used construction equipment and vehicles come from a dealership, there are still a significant amount of private sellers out there. Our goal is to ensure you find the perfect item, regardless of the source. And if that’s a private seller, great!

Private sellers are offloading unused or unnecessary equipment. They can be a great source to buy from as they more often than not have a lot of industry knowledge, and are typically more flexible with pricing than dealerships.

Private sellers can be found in newspaper or online listings like or, or by displaying their equipment publicly with a ‘for sale’ sign. There can sometimes be more risks in purchasing directly from a private seller, without the safety net of dealership quality control.

But, if you have been in the industry for long enough to have a good working knowledge of the equipment or vehicle you want, there is no reason why you cannot form your own quality control judgement.

Here are our main tips when it comes to buying equipment from private sellers:

  1. Make sure the gauges and displays function properly;
  2. Also check the warning lights are working properly;
  3. Inspect for damage to the cab, frame, attachments, and other elements of the vehicle (e.g. tray);
  4. Examine piece-specific devices that have been added for safety. Check the owner’s manual to locate them;
  5. Check the tires are not cracked or bald;
    Get in the vehicle and move around the gears to ensure they are not sticky or locked in;
  6. Confirm that moving parts (gears, drums, shafts, belts) and all hot surfaces (exhaust lines, pipes) are guarded;
  7. With the equipment started and in motion, check the error-indicators on the front panel;
  8. Listen for abnormal noises, and always bring someone with you to confirm;
  9. Ensure exhausts and discharges are directed in a way that would not endanger personnel or obstruct the operator’s view;
  10. Be wary of any welding you find, especially on arms, joints, and attachments. Welding is a means of repair, which could be indicative of past problems that will weaken the frame going forward;
  11. Most importantly, get a mechanic or a dealership to do a third-party inspection.


When purchasing from a private seller, remember to be as upfront as possible. They are investing significant time into showing many potential buyers the equipment, and ‘flaky’ buyers are guaranteed to waste their time.

Once you’re satisfied, GoGetta will happily act as your ‘silent partner’, purchasing the asset on your behalf. You pay small, weekly payments for a short 12 month term, which are 100% tax deductible*. At the end of the year, you can choose to either purchase the asset outright with a significant rebate, hand it back with no further obligations if your circumstances or needs change, or continue renting and building equity in the asset.

Whether it’s through a dealership or private seller, we’re here to help you get the equipment you need to start or grow your business.