It’s an idea so simple, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t been thought of before.

Like so many other concepts emerging in the modern shared economy, Channel 40 is about connecting need with want. And for Australia’s trucking and transport industry, this is a major leap forward as owners and drivers are suddenly connected with ready and regulated work.

Channel 40 has a simple slogan: “The easiest way to find loads and get paid”. And compared to older methods of sourcing new clients and projects, this must indeed feel like the easiest way forward.

Described as a hybrid of Uber and Facebook, Channel 40 is an app that links ready drivers with companies that has a load to be moved. Drivers are able to search for jobs close to where they are located, and filter by size, timeframe, or type of load.

Once they have found a suitable job, they either accept the quote or are put in contact with the company who posted the callout, and negotiate an agreed price. Once the job is done, the driver is guaranteed secure and immediate payment – all of which is organised within the app. Channel 40 will put the funds in escrow before the job commences, and release the funds once the job is complete. Safe, and simple.

For those commissioning the work, the advantage comes from being to track your truck from departure to arrival. And, having quick and easy access to contacting the driver means avoiding any delays from miscommunication.

Channel 40 is reducing unnecessary trips by allowing drivers to take on smaller or local jobs with ease. Drivers can browse express loads available for pickup in the area immediately, or smaller deliveries that can be added as a backload. No more empty trips or lost revenue.

The concept was launched by Tom Cavanagh in January this year, after working for many years as the owner of Dubbo’s mining and agricultural machinery rental business EMS Group.

Founder of Channel 40 – Tom Cavanagh (Photo Credit:

“Freight owners can see exactly where their load is at any given time. Drivers can see what loads are available anywhere in Australia. And it’s fully transparent so drivers get immediate payment on delivery and freight owners get certainty about pick-up and delivery times,” said Mr Cavanagh to local publication The Land earlier this year.

Transparency is a priority for Channel 40, with a pre-requisite to pickups being a photograph of what’s being shipped. Alongside a photo, those commissioning a job must also enter a description, dimensions and weight, and final pickup and delivery addresses.

The reason that so many drivers have stayed with agencies or existing clients is to be protected with above-board insurance policies. The app recognises this need, and includes third party cargo insurance to ensure peace of mind. All loads have $3,000 cargo insurance automatically included, with the ability for freight owners to add insurance to each load via the app. You’ll not only have it all organised for you, but they’ll use the details of your submission to find the most competitive insurance available.

So, how can you join the Channel 40 network?

You will need to sign up via the Channel 40 website and then download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. All qualified Australian drivers, and companies that require trucking services are welcome to join. Or learn how GoGetta can help your business with our range of tools.


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