Three years ago, Kyaw Kyaw Belal was living in Thailand as a refugee from his home in Burma. Today, he is running a successful transport business in Sydney.

Kyaw Kyaw Belal moved to Australia in 2012, after spending six years in a refugee camp in Thailand. He had escaped his home of war-torn Burma, and was ready to start a new life. Moving to sunny Sydney, he found a great opportunity that would reward his hard work with good money – driving for a transport company.

After working for a larger transport fleet for several years, Kyaw Kyaw decided that he was ready to branch out and create his own fleet. But first, he needed a hand up.

“I am here because of GoGetta,” says Kyaw Kyaw, who has found it easier in the rough and tumble truckie world to go by the nickname ‘KK’. With no family, friends, or support network in his new home of Sydney, finding the cash to loan for his trucks would have been impossible. Thanks to the simple and flexible GoGetta Rent.Grow.Own system, KK’s nickname is now emblazoned across not one, but two removal trucks zipping around urban and regional NSW.


Kyaw Kyaw Belal – KK Transport Services

‘KK Transport Services’, as he named his company, works directly with national furniture retailers delivering to the homes of customers up to 10 hours out of Sydney. The regional trips – which can sometimes stretch up to 18 hours – are his specialty. They are long hours, points out KK, but rewarding in knowing that it is his business, and his only.

KK is the type of customer that GoGetta equipment funding is perfect for: he knew exactly what he needed, and once we were able to help him acquire it, he made every payment on time. KK rented a 2012 Hino 300 Turbo Diesel and Hybrid truck, worth $25,000. Now, he’s ready to acquire another truck, and continue to grow his business.

This is exactly how our Rent.Grow.Own system works: enabling the immediate use of a revenue-generating asset within an ownership-based funding model. We want you to be able to be growing your business, whilst you are building equity: and on that note, we want those payments to be both realistic and achievable for a new, small business.

Like others using the GoGetta model, KK has been able to build equity in his asset – in this case, his transport vehicle. At the end of his 12 month agreement, he purchased the Hino truck with a 75% net rebate from his rental payments – meaning his hard-earned payments were transformed into a foundation for his new business.

For KK, the future of his company is simple: to expand slowly but surely, with more trucks, more staff, and more adventures out on the open road.




If you’re interested in starting your own trucking business, check out the GoGetta ebook, ‘Going The Distance: How to start and run a successful owner-driver trucking business’, here.