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Which option is best for your business?

Working in construction and earthmoving is a rewarding business, but one that is heavily dependent on supply and demand.

Anticipating growth means bigger and better equipment, and with the average excavator costing $100,000 at a minimum – that’s an expensive risk to take.

With many small business owners not having enough cash to buy expensive construction equipment outright, two options come into play: buy the equipment with finance, or hire the equipment. The question is, which option is best for your finances and operations?

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Customer Success Story

“The process was much quicker than with the banks! There was far less paperwork and it happened really quickly,” explains Carlos Martinez – Owner of Colombian’s Machine. 

He is an owner-operator, occasionally hiring extra hands, but hopes one day to step back into a managerial role.

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Client Case Studies

See how GoGetta customers right across Australia have made a success of their business


After doing his research, Carlos found GoGetta to be far more appealing than the major banks and other traditional lenders.

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GoGetta has helped an engineering firm diversify and boost its revenue by about 30% by funding a $60,000 line-boring machine.

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For Diego, part of the attraction to GoGetta was being able to talk, learn, and negotiate with an actual person...not a machine.

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