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There is a lot involved in running your own subcontracting business, and a very real risk that you will go broke. First, you need to deal with the initial business and legal set-ups, such as choosing the right business structure, choosing a business name, getting an ABN, along with organising licences and various insurance covers.

Next, you need to determine your functional needs, source the equipment required, and actually find work. While industry experience will definitely help you a lot here, you are still going to have to do some legwork to bring in new customers. Without customers and proper finance management, you may end up in a tight spot.

Let us guide you through becoming a subcontractor – from setting up the business to negotiating contracts and managing your finances. Once you’ve read our free guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming your own boss!

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Differences between a subbie and an employee:

In This Guide

Starting up your business

Sourcing equipment

Finding work

Negotiating contracts

Resolving disputes

Managing your finances

Client Case Studies

Learn how GoGetta has helped these clients in becoming a subcontractor by giving them the helpful hand they needed to get started.


After doing his research, Carlos found GoGetta to be more appealing than the major banks and other traditional lenders for his construction business.

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For Diego, the attraction of funding his company with GoGetta was being able to talk, learn, and negotiate with an actual person.

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The Facts

Our construction customer insights show that despite 41% having a variety funding options, including the bank, they chose us due to our quick approval process and flexible contracts.

Becoming A Subcontractor

Fuss Free Funding

While life as a subbie can be challenging, the pay-off is worth it. GoGetta can help you fund the equipment or machinery you need to become a subcontractor, with flexible options to suit any speciality. We’ll even help you source everything, too! Chat to GoGetta for flexible equipment for machinery financing and great advice. Call 1300 513 884 or email us at [email protected].

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