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Are you a student looking for more flexible working hours around study? Maybe you are a full-timer wanting to move away from the 9-5 grind? Or perhaps you simply want to earn some extra cash? Uber can be a highly flexible option for people from any walk of life, and, with 80% of every fare going into your pocket, it is easy to see the benefits.

But the additional costs go beyond fuel, and the requirements to become an Uber driver may be more than you think, especially when it comes to the state of your vehicle. Whether it is something you have considered for a while or just thought about, find out how you can become an Uber driver with our free guide.

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Perks of Becoming an Uber Driver

In This Guide

How much you can earn as an Uber driver

All the benefits and perks of the job

How you can fit Uber into your lifestyle

Comparison of the most popular part-time jobs in terms of dough

Uber requirements for getting started

How you can get yourself a new car in the process

Client Case Studies

GoGetta has helped many Australians meet their Uber car requirements with our Rent.Grow.Own® agreement. See how GoGetta customers right across Australia have made a success of their car.


Although his car was too old for Uber requirements, Mario was able to get the financing and car he needed within a week.

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Matt Wakeling went from full-time Melbourne worker to a Brisbane student and an uber driver, renting a car with our Buy.Rent.Grow agreement.

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The Facts

In fact, our research shows that there are four key aspects that has driven people to get their latest car with GoGetta.

Become An Uber Driver

Fuss Free Funding

GoGetta is here to help you move from being uber-curious to an Uber driver in the matter of no time, even if your current vehicle doesn’t meet the standards. With a Rent.Grow.Own® agreement, we can provide you with any vehicle you want to launch your Uber career with. You can even buy the vehicle at a reduced price at the end of the agreement so you can keep making money where you want, when you want. Find out more by calling 1300 513 884 or emailing [email protected].