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Have you dreamt of opening your own café or restaurant, but been overwhelmed by the financial cost of buying or renting a space? Perhaps you have started to consider having a food truck business. From coffee to burgers, ice-cream to doughnuts, your choices are endless!

Researching and planning is crucial to your success with a food truck business. While being nimble enough to search out your customers at festivals and street markets, food trucks have to abide by the laws from their local government as to where and when they can sell. Further, like any food and beverage company, a food truck must oblige by a set of nationally recognized food safety regulations that prove challenging.

Here, we have put together a guide on all you need to know – from determining your menu to expected costs, and challenges. If you have a great concept, a passion for stellar food, customer service and satisfaction, and are exploring the idea of a food truck, van or trailer, then this guide is for you!

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It's all about finding what works best for your concept, logistics, and budget. In this eBook, we break -down which vehicle would work best for your business needs., let Let your menu dictate which direction you take.

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Industry expertise: meet a food truck provider

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Your menu will ultimately dictate which direction you take.

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While 41% of our customers buying vans had other funding options, which include traditional banks, the flexibility of the Rent.Grow.Own® agreement and ability to have the payments tax deductable made GoGetta appealing.

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Your mobile kitchen can range from a truck, trailer, or van – it’s all about finding what works best for your concept, logistics, and budget. GoGetta can be your silent business partner in starting up a food truck business. We’ll provide you with funding for a vehicle of your choice, as well as all of the equipment inside for your operation. Learn just how easy it is with our calculators and tools.

We will even help you source everything, just to help you get up and running! Take control and be your own boss sooner with the ease of our Rent.Grow.Own® agreement. If this sounds like you, find out more by calling 1300 513 884 or emailing [email protected].