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Home Equity Loans are Bad for Business

Are you considering using home equity to fund your business? Business equipment loans can be hard to obtain from banks and often small business owners have to turn to the equity on their homes as financing without fully understanding the dangers.

Financial risks associated with home equity loans and lines of credit are often not highlighted as clearly as they should be by the big banks. When looking to finance your business, you should always consider a finance option that’s secured against the asset you are purchasing. That way, if you default on the payment, you would only lose the asset, but at least you’d still have a roof over your head.

This eBook outlines the downsides and risks involved with home equity loans. Read our guide now to find out how you can make the right decision for your business financing and your home. Because at GoGetta, we understand when it comes to your home, it pays to do your research.

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Reconsider Home Equity for Business Financing

In This Guide

Why traditional finance isn’t the best option

How you put your home at risk

How you pay more in interest and negative equity

GoGetta’s alternative solution

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It will help you take the guesswork out of which finance solution is best for you and get your business on the right track.

Client Case Studies

GoGetta has helped many Australians fund their businesses without risking personal assets. See how GoGetta customers right across Australia have made a success of their business.


A first timer in the food truck market, Mark was able to keep his equipment costs down with GoGetta.

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For Diego, the attraction of funding his company with GoGetta was being able to talk, learn, and negotiate with an actual person.

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Fuss Free Funding

GoGetta is a suitable alternative to traditional financing with low risk and flexible commercial business financing options. We fund existing businesses, small businesses and start-ups to reach their equipment needs.

With our straightforward application process, you can get a 12 month Rent.Grow.Own® agreement that can be renewed yearly. If you purchase the equipment outright within the first 12 months, we’ll give you back 75% net rent you’ve paid towards the purchase price. This gives you time to work out if the equipment is right for you and your business’ needs. After the first year you can also choose to enter a Go.Own.Plus® agreement that allows you 30% cheaper rent over a 36mth term.

Start making money where you want, when you want, without risking your personal assets! Find out more by calling 1300 513 884 or emailing [email protected] or view our range of tools and calculators to see how easy it is.