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Curious About Being A Courier?

Do you love working outside, and always being on the go? Does the idea of sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 all week send shivers down your spine? Then you’re in the right place: the courier industry is made for people like you.

If you are interested in starting up your very own courier business, then the good news is that you have chosen an industry with very low barriers to entry. Generally, a commercial vehicle and mobile phone are all you need! Further, the market’s high projected growth means acting quickly to establish yourself in the market will allow you to reap the benefit of a solid, profitable clientele list in the future.

This specially written eBook will help you to set-up and run a courier business, either as an independent subcontractor or franchisee.

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Finding Work Within the Courier Business

The time to start a courier business has ever been better. Download this ebook to discover how to establish your new courier business and the vehicle funding options available.

In This Guide

Setting up your business

Getting finance

Choosing a vehicle

Finding work

Managing your finances

Staying in business

Client Case Studies

We have helped get people’s courier business dreams started, and ensure they stay up and running when facing vechile issues. Find out how with these case studies.


Lesley and James drive 500+km twice week to deliver mail across rural Queensland for Australia Post. GoGetta saved the day when their ute broke.

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"Working within home security, Brett was looking for the same protection when it came to his own business. GoGetta keep Brett’s dream on track.

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Matt Wakeling went from full-time Melbourne worker to a Brisbane student and an uber driver, renting a car with our Buy.Rent.Grow agreement.

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The Facts

While 41% of our customers buying vans had other funding options, which include the bank, the flexibility of the Rent.Grow.Own agreement and ability to have the payments tax deductable made GoGetta appealing.
What aspect of the GoGetta product most appealed?

Start A Courier Business

Fuss Free Funding

With the highly competitive landscape of more than 14,000 courier businesses already in Australia, ensuring you’re not assuming too much risk means finding a funding option that suits you. The GoGetta system will get you on your feet straight away by financing your commercial van or ute with our flexible Rent.Grow.Own® agreement.

Whether your business will operate through a franchise, an Australia Post contract, or as a freelancing operation, know that we will always provide the flexibility and freedom in your vehicle choices. Find out more by calling 1300 513 884 or emailing [email protected].