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Hiring vs. renting - what's the difference?

The key to success for many businesses is the ability to be flexible, and quickly get where you need to be. While a van makes this easy, buying a van isn’t.

Whether you are a start-up business with little trading history, don’t have the finances, or simply want to avoid a long-term financial commitment through economic uncertainty, finding the money to buy a vehicle to improve your venture can be challenging. The last thing you want to do is use up your precious capital or savings by purchasing a vehicle, and then struggle with the day-to-day costs of running a business.

Traditional hire sounds like an obvious option. But there is another alternative for you to consider: rent-to-own. Download the eBook to learn how it compares to hiring.

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Cost Comparison

Let us take away all the unknowns of buying your business vehicle so you can focus on other things. In this eBook we compare the cost differences between the Toyota HiAce and Hyundai iLoad.

In This Guide

Comparison of pros and cons of renting- to -own and hiring

Comparison of pros and cons of renting- to -own and hiring

Breakdown of costs for rent-to-own vs hiring

Breakdown of costs for rent-to-own vs hiring

GoGetta’s Rent.Own.Grow® funding

GoGetta’s Rent.Own.Grow® funding

How renting-to-own will improve your business equity long-term

How renting-to-own will improve your business equity long-term

Client Case Studies

GoGetta is here to help you get your business on the road sooner with our Rent.Grow.Own® agreement. Read about how we have helped our customers reach their dreams through a rent-to-own agreement on their van.


"Working within home security, Brett was looking for the same protection when it came to his own business. GoGetta keep Brett’s dream on track.

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The Facts

While 41% of our customers buying vans had other funding options, which include traditional banks, the flexibility of the Rent.Grow.Own® agreement and ability to have the payments tax deductable made GoGetta appealing.
What aspect of the GoGetta product most appealed?

Van Financing

Fuss Free Funding

The rent-to-own option means you don’t need to face upfront costs of buying or hiring a van. Our Rent.Grow.Own® agreement was created to help business owners through some of the challenges that financing a vehicle can produce. We believe every person deserves the best shot at a successful and prosperous career. At GoGetta, each affordable rental payments can go towards eventually owning your van.

Enjoy the faster and easier option to get your business on the path to success by exploring all the benefits available. Find out more by calling 1300 513 884 or emailing [email protected].

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