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We're sorry to say the asset you're after is no longer available.
Check out our other similar assets below!

Trike with Coffee Machine & Trailer

Buy Price: $19,500.

2016 Safari Rides Kit.

Buy Price: $25,000.

Alfa Decanter Centrifuge

Buy Price: $30,000.

Red Robot Green Screen Photo Booth

Buy Price: $4,650.

2017 Guttermaster GM2050 Vacuum System

Buy Price: $17,500.

2016 Enclosed Portabooth SN-01

Buy Price: $8,000.

2016 Quota Stone 3350 CNC Machine

Buy Price: $151,500.

2015 Pollogen GeneO+ Skin Renewal Machin

Buy Price: $8,000.

2016 Masterfinish Trowel Machine

Buy Price: $1,980.

2016 Klausen 1000kg Food Grade Stainless

Buy Price: $29,000.

2015 Water Based Electronic Spray Set

Buy Price: $2,500.

2016 Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaner

Buy Price: $2,550.

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